TL; DR – Zumos certainly gets the job done, but I found myself enjoying more than I enjoyed the view, where I landed. I took the two pills in the course of six hours, and enjoyed a pleasant euphoric come up that in a few hours of rest, culminating concentrated energy. While I enjoyed more velocity, more than this does what it claims and was quite impressive. It is certainly worth a visit. 7.5 out of 10, it did a good job, I personally preferred velocity.

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As I mentioned in my post this week, I took a few new things from Super Fun Cave. I found Velocity to provide a pleasant, euphoric rush, so I decided to check out Zumos ADD and ADHD because of how out of the box, it seemed to be from the same manufacturer. Well, I have to admit that the name threw me for a loop. A trip to Google reveled that “Zumos” Spanish for “juice” is but I still do not translate to see the reasons for the name. Regardless of the names and that makes the recording of “ADD and ADHD,” it’s pretty obvious what to do exactly this product. The question was, would it?

necessary I do not know if it was my far the pills are too far apart, what makes me lose the euphoric aspects of the sums to be made or if that’s just how this particular product works. Either way, I personally prefer the results that I got from Velocity Zumos but is more than capable to provide some nice, quiet and focused energy. 7.5 out of 10, with a price tag of about $ 13, it’s definitely worth it.

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