Question by : How much Robitussin DXM should i take to get high and hallucinate?
I have 2 4 ounce bottles Robitussin DXM DXM is not the only gueafesin or other stuff. I want to hallucinate and have a really good high i have a total of 8 ounces, how much should I drink? Each bottle contains 15 mg of DXM per 5 ml and 118 ml as it is a total of 354 mg DXM in each bottle. How much should I drink?

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response from trajity I was just tripping over
DXM Last night I took 900mg and not hallucinating, this is probably because dxm not cause hallucinations. DXM converted to DXO in your body, so that you go with liquid you to have more becasue of a DXO trip will quickly be absorbed into your system DXO = more of a psychedelic trip and DXM = more of a dissociative trip. say that your condition is a good time, this is not your first have. Your journey will then probably by = closed eyes visuals and fun P. when I ‘. 900mg I bought 3x Robitussin cough gels (of 20) i swallowed 20 of the pills and the other 40 i burst and poured into a shot glass This provided me with a more just DXM / DXO ratio. I was sitting on a chair and would close my eyes and then in a reality like that I would make to get the chair and the hole point of it was to go to my room and grab a pillow just in the next room next to mine Go room to throw on the floor and watch TV (I was watching the news, but did not notice it, I can definitely say that I have the most fun I’ve ever had just reported the weather), then I would be all sudden wake up and still be in the chair and I went into a kind of shock that it’s not really, because everything felt to real. When for the first time would I do, 1 start of the bottle, but if you know more, I would beat both of them

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