Well the only reason that i had tried this was because it was free. I was shopping at my local headshop and i was buying some spice and they tried to sell me a 50 dollar bag which i couldnt afford. They said it should have a warning label on it because it was so intense and all of their regular customers had said it was the strongest stuff they had ever smoked. I ended up buying a new pipe and i bought a glass screen so the lady who i had gotten to know pretty well seeing as how i was one of the regulars had decided to give me a free sample. She said she smoked several huge bong rips of corner dust before her family reunion and had a nervous breakdown becuase she didnt understand what was going on and told me not to take more than 2 hits max at once and definitely not to drive. So after she packed my bowl i left and invited my friend over. We smoked the pirates cove and each took one medium sized hit. I had never felt a high come on as fast as this had.

I was literally high as soon as i sparked my lighter. We decided to see how we felt after one hit and take it from there. My friend was playing call of duty and i was watching him. It made him really good and he went on a crazy 21 kill streak. I was so high that i felt like my face was melting onto my shirt and i got really thirsty. So i got up off my couch and walked to my kitchen. The whole way it felt like my legs went throught the floor and i was wading through knee deep mud. I got a drink and spilled it all over my shirt so i got changed and the fresh air on my chest was one of the best feelings of my life. I went back to the tv after what felt like a half hour an realized my frend was still in the same match about 2 minutes later. After he finished the match i played one( and also did way better than usual) and he said that his high really hit him after the match because his mind was on the game and wasnt focusing on enjoying his high. I found out what he meant when i started playing because it relieved my high somewhat. The high was short lived staying for about 25 minutes but it was one of the best 25 minutes of my life and felt like an eternity. If you have the money for this I would suggest it to you.

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