With all the news about the election all mainstream media saturates it has very little coverage of a massive DEA bust Incense and bath salts that Monday 5, NOVEMBER th .

The authorities say more than 20,000 units and 50 pounds of the synthetic drug known as Spice or K2 is in Phoenix and confiscated Scottsdale … Also seized more than $ 385,000, five vehicles and several firearms after authorities executed a dozen search warrants Monday, “according to the San Francisco Gate.

AZFamily.com, a Phoenix news outlet, broke the story on Tuesday. “Agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), along with various state and local law enforcement agencies carried out search warrants at six private apartments, five stores, including Camelback Liquors on 20th Avenue and Camelback Road, and a camp near the 23rd Avenue and Encanto Boulevard where prepared a large number of illegal drug, stored and distributed, “according to their product. “The authorities confiscated more than 20,000 units of synthetic cannabinoids, which markets often used as a spice and K2. They also seized 50 pounds of bulk Spice ready for retail packaging, more than 3 kg of raw chemicals, more than $ 385,000 in cash and in bank accounts four vehicles and five firearms. “

DEA is confident that this attack have a major impact on the regional and national supply of prohibited synthetic materials.

synthetic designer drugs pharmaceutical industry, from manufacturers and distributors, retailers, DEA Special Agent said in Charge Doug Coleman.’ DEA and our partners have large quantities of these hazardous substances and unlawfully acquired assets confiscated. We will continue this new and emerging drugs with every investigative tool available to seek and to bring to justice those who peddle these poisons and damaging to our society. “

At this time, no names were released or announced formal charges in connection with these raids. However, if the above image you can see one of the boxes marked (left) is “Smoking Dragon”, a product review here. There was no information to confirm if Smoking Dragon or any specific brands were involved in the raid. NSN News is tracking the story and will be updated coverage as more information becomes available!

offer Source: AZFamily.com

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