Fluoroamphetamine also known as 4-FA, is a halogen substituted amphetamine analog (also known by its street name, speed). 4-FA is a powerful stimulant, but not quite so much that his close cousin, amphetamine.

The only difference between amphetamine and the 4-FA is what 4-FA is a fluorine atom, replaced by a hydrogen to the 4th position on the benzene ring. This slightly changes the pharmacological treatment in the body, which have less affinity for receptors in the brain and to linger in the body and last longer.
4 FA, such as amphetamine, causes an increase in heart rate, total energy and feelings of well-being. 4-FA has not been completely evaluated, hence its status as a product chemical research. Currently, it is considered technically legal to buy for purposes of research, despite the fact that it is considered an analogue of amphetamine.

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